Keeping Business Clean

6a00d8341c29c553ef017c3712493a970bPersonal cleanliness goes without saying. We all value it. In business you have to look sharp to think sharp. People judge you on your habits and appearance 90% of the time. You don’t want to let them down. Cleanliness also goes for the entire office environment as it plays a part in client acquisition and retention. Every savvy entrepreneur knows the ropes. Keep surfaces neat and tidy so your staff looks adept and organized. Don’t eliminate everything as it denotes lack of work.

There are many principles involved in maintaining an office space. The floors should be spotless, the carpets stain free. No dust should appear lest it find its way onto a client’s hands. It takes attention and on-going consideration. Even if you don’t do the work yourself, you are in charge of this job.

Metaphoric cleaning is a companion to the physical type. You can have everything in good order but if your files are neglected, it shows. If you are not adhering to good accounting principles, it will affect the bottom line. Consider the following types of offices. Which would you want to be?

Nerd Haven: finicky to the max, this office culture values an absolute pristine workspace. In one of these offices, you’re likely to find an expensive handheld vacuum cleaner right next to every one of the fire extinguishers in their offices. Sometimes, however, you can’t find things that are neatly tucked away. Clients are impressed but does efficiency suffer because you are spending way too much time in the hunt.

Tidy Tender: a clean office takes pride in the lack of clutter and mess. Each employee becomes a tidy tender playing his or her part. They don’t overdo it, mind you, but focus on essentials to create an efficient workspace. Visitors note the neatness and value the effort taken to ensure it stays in place.

Obsessive Compulsive: the minute a piece of paper drops on a desk or floor, it is whisked away, maybe to file thirteen (the trash). While somewhat admirable, this compulsive behavior has its risks. Important documents can be lost forever. You want to put the brakes on these people before they unsettle the rest of the office.

Laissez-faire: the “I don’t care” attitude reigns supreme in many places, especially when the cleaning crew is expected to tidy up. But they don’t get in those dusty nooks and crannies. You ignore it until it starts to stare you in the face and then you sign, and move on.

Pig Sty Specialist: every office has one or two pig pen characters. You can mock it all you want, but clients do care. They associate a sloppy space with a lax mind. They are a bit leery about doing business with a place that tolerates mess.

You may or may not recognize yourself or your colleagues in these examples, but believe me, they are all there. It is human nature and it is diversified. If you are the boss, you set the tone for the masses. Be mindful of the image you want to project and it will serve you well. Offices are public spaces and should be respected as such.