Outfit Your Team for Success

desk-stapler-featuresOffice managers, listen up. People have to have the right tools for their jobs, whatever they may be. They expect them to be at hand in the workspace, and to be in good working condition. You can’t skimp when it comes to resources if you want to maintain your reputation as officials of a sound company that cares. You have a lot of say in the matter and your input is important. What this means is that you don’t give a two dollar stapler to an employee to collate and bind a fifty-page document! Cheaping out on office supplies costs more in the long run in unhappy campers and a lot of moping and grumping around.

It is all about productivity in an office. This is the major buzz word. Sometimes it takes a little extra funding to achieve and even maximize it. You want people to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively. We all give lip service to this truism, but do we really know what it means, and do we apply it in reality to satisfaction. People take supplies for granted and they don’t even notice them until they are practically in use. Then it is too late if the items are old, broken, or useless. Quality matters and whether there is enough stuff to go around. Every employee needs his or her own stapler, for example. This is a minimum requirement like a desk and a chair. It is just as important as having paper clips and pens. A stapler, for example, is a tool to grab quickly as needed without searching around. Plus, we all hate that individual who uses up the very last staple and places the item back on the shelf—empty!

It is all about outfitting your team for success at the office. Those who order supplies are in charge of prevailing positive, can do attitudes. They have the ultimate power when it comes to devices. If you think your office manager has been rather lax, let him or her know—politely. If they don’t use certain supplies, they won’t have a clue. Let them in on the workings of the environment and what a difference a heavy duty stapler can make. Tip them about brands, models, and sizes.

It may seem trivial to some, but trust me it is not. When supplies are allowed to run low because of budget cuts, it hurts everyone. It is really symbolic of an entire corporate culture to shirk responsibilities in the area of supplies. Do these companies expect people to bring their own! If they are chintzy with tools, what else is unimportant? Will there be coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon? Is toilet paper about to disappear or paper towels in the kitchen? This lack can go on and on to infinity. It can never be good.

So office managers, take heed. Use this blog as mindful advice to watch the pennies, yes, but not at the expense of productive work. We are all still old-fashioned enough to need supplies on a daily basis. Be generous where it counts. The company will reap the reward in the long run.