Beachin’ it Like a Boss

A trip to the beach means hauling a lot of stuff: towels, the cooler full of drinks and lunch, an umbrella, and plenty of sunscreen and assorted lotions. If you want to relax in style, you need gear. For me, the beach cooler is the key item among them all and getting a good one is worth the investment. You want it to hold up to the sun and sand and be large enough to contain a day’s worth of snacks. Forget those little kid size ones. You want a full size that you can also take to the park for picnics or on vacation to the mountains. It will have many uses not to mention in the backyard by the pool on a hot summer’s day when all the neighbors are invited over and everyone wants a cold brew.

I never used to use a cooler as I was loathe to carry it around. I had to buy drinks or burgers at the nearby stand. No matter that I had to walk across the hot sand in bare feet to get there. Sure, the food was fine as beach fare goes, but I often passed on lunch rather than make the trek. I started to notice that the people with coolers were not complaining. They had everything they needed close at hand. The families were the ones who really took advantage of them. The kids were constantly demanding food. So why hot me. Okay, I am one person but I often go to the beach with friends. We can spend a whole day luxuriating in the ocean breeze if we have provisions.

Beach coolers are pretty much all of the same ilk but you can opt for a little better construction and have one that lasts for years. They take a beating being toted back and forth and thrown into the back of a van. They get dented and sometimes the lid won’t fit if it has been manhandled. My cooler is a nice one and it is going to get premium attention. I won’t spill anything inside that will cause a sticky mess. I wrap all of the lunch sandwiches individually to protect them as well as their container. You get what you pay for and having a good quality beach cooler suits me just fine. A trip to the beach needn’t be an occasion to manhandle it. I also place it on a towel to protect the bottom from the ravages of the sand. Maybe I am going a bit far, but when you have something new, you want to safeguard it from harm.

A day at the beach is my idea of glorious fun. The waves beckon for some body surfing and the stretch of wet sand welcomes a long walk. People take their pets who love the water. Kids are screaming in glee. It is everyone’s favorite day out: sand, sun, and fun.