The Big Time

Getting to be a CEO means you have hit the big time. You can be proud of how you got there. No doubt you have put in a lot of hard work and experience, perhaps a bit of book learning and mentorship. We all have our own ways of reaching the top. Sometimes it is luck and being in the right place and the right time, but not always. You have to have the goods. Some of us are born with it and others acquire it along the road of life. Being a CEO means you have added responsibilities and a lot less free time. You have to budget your time prioritizing projects, but it is always worth the effort when you are kind of the hill.

Prestige comes with the job and influence over others. A successful CEO is worth his or her weight in gold in advice. Now that you have arrived, there is a lot you can offer others. There is also a lot you can offer yourself. With the title comes monetary reward and often a bigger house. Some leaders feel that how and where they live is a reflection of their standing. For me, I dream of an indoor hot tub to enjoy in those rare moments of spare time. It is the ultimate luxury along with a sauna. A hot tub is a symbol of relaxation and release, something every busy CEO needs. If it is inside the house, it is all the more prestigious. You won’t be getting out of a warm hot tub and running into the house in the freezing cold. Having an indoor hot tub presumes a house large enough to accommodate it. Perhaps a huge master bathroom or screened in sun porch. In my dreams, I haven’t yet decided. It is enough to imagine just the big house on its own. What other accoutrements of wealth will I have acquired? Perhaps a man cave with a home theater and surround sound. A well-stocked bar in the adjacent room with a top tier wine cellar. Entertaining will be my forte. After all, a CEO must have business guests from time to time. Friends and neighbors, not to mention family, will horn in on hot tub time.

My hot tub will be in high grade wood paneling and not too industrial or high tech although it will be sturdy and durable. It will have a great design like that found in luxury spas with the best of interior finish. It will sit on a tile floor to catch any water overflow and there will be big, soft terry cloth towels nearby. You don’t have to have a vivid imagination to see all this in your mind’s eye. It is easy to envision. It is part of the reward of being a CEO. Who doesn’t have that as a life goal? For some, they dream of fast expensive cars and mountain cabins. I have my hot tub fantasy which takes care of my immediate needs right now.