Just Under Budget!

I have been buying biking magazine so I can page through and look at the fabulous, and sometimes expensive, mountain bikes. I have always wanted one but never quite saved up enough money. I would daydream regularly about hitting the trails just outside the city where people are few and far between. It becomes your own territory to explore as you wish. Mountain biking is always an adventure. Friends recount trips that were particularly special. It doesn’t have to be a loner experience. You can go in packs. There is something about the great outdoors and those dusty, rough trails that appeals to the daredevil in you.

Mountain bikes are not like commuter bikes. They are engineered differently and they have different features. I have targeted a particular model with my bonus money from work. It is a full-suspension trail bike with what the manufacturer calls trail attack. I love it. It is lightweight if you want to do a bit of racing, but also durable and reliable. You want to go for quality when it is your life at stake. You don’t want unnecessary mishaps or difficult on site repairs. Of course, I will learn the ropes of how the thing is put together and how to tune it up with care.

Now I am making a list of exciting trails in the area that are known for thrill rides. You have to want to be a bit aggressive if this is your sport. The best mountain bikes under $1000 are still designed to deliver comfort and control, just as their more expensive counterparts do. I am more than ready to start my new pastime. I like daytime outings and like to take along snacks and beverages. Then you can stay as long as you like. You have to bring stuff since you are likely to be in the boondocks with little available in a store.

My parents are concerned and I have to remind them regularly that I am a grown adult. I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are. When it comes to potential danger, they never stop worrying. I have let them know that I am well versed in safety tactics and will abide by what all mountain bikers have learned. It doesn’t have to be a life-threatening experience if you know your trails. It is also a good idea to bike with a friend in case there is a mishap. That doesn’t have to be likely if you are careful and mindful of how your bike functions best.

I am more than grateful for the bonus that is going to provide all this fun I see in my future. We get them now and then but this time it was a good chunk of money. It would pay for the exact model I wanted. I will store my bike in the garage and take good care of it, cleaning it up if it gets caked with dirt and mud. It is something I want to do and don’t mind the effort it will take.